Why Lists, What Is This Website, Who Am I, & Why Now?

One Good List (OGL) is a website that ranks, educates, and elaborates on what you care about. Each article will be list-based without the fluff of a long intro or the ridiculous arrows that make you click to a new page for the next ‘juicy’ item. Straight to business with some fun along the way.

With our inaugural article, we’re shining some light on what you can expect.

4 Answers To Explain What You’ll Get With One Good List

1 – Why Lists?

Can you handle the truth?

Apologies, I couldn’t resist adding Colonel Nathan R. Jessup in our first article. I have no doubt in your truth handling abilities.

The truth is that lists are better for you and me. They represent a great way to convey information in a digestible and organized manner. They are more fun and easier to write. And in my previous online life, I’ve found that list-based articles tend to rank higher in a Google search.

2 – What Is This Website?

One Good List will have one primary author (Mike, me, who is currently semi-anonymous) and a collection of guest authors who will serve as either subject matter experts or will at least be entertaining. While I understand that ‘good writing’ is a subjective goal, you won’t see uninteresting or uneducated articles. We’re going to either bring you value or entertainment, or both.

OGL has 3 main categories – Sports, Business, and Culture – and will undoubtedly delve into other areas at times. I can’t promise we’ll ‘stick to sports’, but I can promise we’ll start there.

3 – Who Is Mike?

I’m hanging onto my mid-thirties, married with three kids and a dog, and am the CEO of a 15-employee small business that produced about $1.5-million in revenue in 2022. My wife is my business partner and best friend, our kids are all under 10, and here are 3 things that give you an idea of what I’m about:

  • I ran an Olympic Triathalon in 2021 because I watched the 2020/1 games and said “I can do that.” I finished. I didn’t excel.
  • My relationship with books is complicated. I buy more than I read and I tell myself that it’s all good because I frequently listen to podcasts, work out, or spend time with my family and that makes it all OK. But I know deep down that I should read more.
  • Half of me wants to take more vacations while the other half is afraid of what’ll happen at work while we’re gone. All of me knows that if I were a better leader I’d take more vacations with less angst.

4 – Why Now?

A few months ago I sold my former online project. I poured 5 years of creativity into it, built it up to be a respected site in its niche, but then ran out of things to say in that space. After a few months of takes with no outlet One Good List was born.

Thanks for being here, I hope you find what you’re looking for. If not, feel free to suggest a topic for us to write or submit a pitch if you have a list of your own.

Talk soon